About Us

We have been helping people live healthier, more active lives since 1980. Every day, more than 4 million Herbalife Nutrition shakes are consumed around the world.

The Herbalife Nutrition Family

We have chosen to work with Herbalife because we tried their programmes and saw how great they are. The products are excellent, the simplicity of the Herbalife meal plans makes so much sense and we saw firsthand how easy it was for people to follow them.

We realized that we were on to something special when we saw how many of our clients were making progress with weight loss, perhaps for the first time. 

Today, we work with everyone who feels the need to make a change in the way they eat and function throughout the day.

We are here to help you with weight loss, weight management, healthy daily nutrition and healthy habits. You will get support every step of the way, with recipes, tips, guidance and access to our team whenever you need it.

 We have served thousands of clients across Ireland (take a look at our reviews page for some of their stories), and continue to help people live healthier, more active lives every day.

 At the end of the day, we are just a group of people who want to have a positive impact on those around us. If you have any questions or need any help, just message us through the site chat or email us at health@infinitesolutions.ie